We are proud of inviting you to our Japanese WHISKEY Tasting event on October 20th.

Ten's choices are Akashi and two kinds of Iwai.

Akashi by Eigashima Distillery, located in Akashi City near the sea and the city of Kobe, Japan, is both the country's oldest and smallest whiskey distillery and perhaps its most mysterious as well. This hard-to-find Japanese whiskey comes from the country's smallest whiskey distillery and is distilled from barley specially-imported from Scotland.

Two types of Iwai made by Shinshu Mars chose its high altitude location in the mountain range of Nagano for its moderate humidity and high-quality water. This blend consists of mostly malt and some grain. The whiskey is aged in bourbon, sherry, and wine barrels. Hombo Shuzo, the owners of the distillery, is one of Japanese top wine producers and therefore have access to a great number of cask types. Most whiskey is aged in sherry and bourbon, but the distillery is also experimenting with wine cask as well. Iwai has a richness and texture that many of the other entry level Japanese whiskeys do not achieve.

Enjoy Japanese boutique whiskey with the specialist, John Slagle, from Orcas Distributing. Special Sampler Set at Special Price is only available this day.

Don't miss out this special opportunity!!